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pegMy life is a revolving door.

I can emerge slowly, thoughtful as an author, rushed as a busy wife, mother, grandmother, charging in anger or stopped in sadness.

Some days I emerge creative as a poet, excited as a teacher, or helpful as a volunteer. Other days my harried life has me running in circles and I emerge dizzy.

Experiences, scenes I see through my revolving door lead me to my mantra of “always writing”.

A childhood game of barber led me to write my first book, Tricia and the Blue Cap.

Emerging as a former reading teacher, I wrote stories for children’s reading books for an educational publisher.

Raising and reflecting on family life led me to write HEAR MY HEART vol I&II, chapbooks of all mother’s prayers.

Emerging as a poet, I have won awards for writing what I’ve seen around me; “Whose Clock?” a child’s view of a grandfather clock, an “Underground Railroad” in my basement, my husband’s model railroad, “Yesterday’s Fingers”, sewing of grandmother's quilt, “Knot in a Tree" memories of a dying tree.

Lunchtime discussions with a German woman led to my writing WHILE…stories of our lives during WWII and beyond.

My revolving door
hurls me beyond the past into the present
fuels my writing.

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